I want to get back with my ex and vice versa, but he is too good for me.

We went on a break because of distance but that is no longer an issue, and we want to get back together. I love him so much but I worry that he's too good for me. He was the quarterback of his high school football team, I was just a regular girl with an average amount of friends. I always feel like I "got lucky" with him. Sometimes I feel like I'd be more comfortable with a guy who wasn't as smart or good looking. I think my ex and I might be equal in looks, but he is a lot more confident than I am. I have no idea what he sees in me, but I think that's a dumb reason not to reunite. What do I do to get past this? Other guys (and my ex) constantly tell me how pretty, smart, etc. I am. But for some reason I don't really believe it from my ex because he is just so much better! In case it matters, we're in our early 20s


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  • Okay I was "Johnny Football Hero" in high school. Homecoming/Prom King, all that crap.. great.. Got to college, my personality carried over and I turned into "Johnny Frat Boy" party fun guy. Girls liked me, I had a lot of friends across campus and at other schools in the area, etc.. I fell in love with a quiet, humble, and unattractive (but attractive to me) girl.. She never had friends in school, or got attention from guys really.. etc.. I actually got sh*t from my friends for dating her because she wasn't up to standards or whatever. She was the sweetest thing ever and I feel so hard in love with her. I was her first everything and was so proud to be her boyfriend. All this even though no one really knew who she was, etc. She always felt like she got lucky finding and having me and loved that I showed the kind of attention, care, affection, etc to her. Turns out that over the years we were together, she got quite attractive, got friends, attention from other guys.. and became too good for me.. She eventually left me to explore her options.. What a role reversal. I was so good to her...

    • Wow. Well, I'm not like her really, I have had multiple experience before him, they were just with losers. I hope you feel better about her now! I just wonder what he sees in me. What did you see in her if she was unattractive and sort of a "nobody"?

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    • Hey bro don't lose any sleep over that because you deserve better.

    • I appreciate that my friend. Thank you for the compliment. I know I deserve better and what not, it's just the matter of making myself believe it. She ripped whatever self-esteem and confidence I had inside me out.

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  • give it a shot and see how that goes, you can't tell unless you try. good luck

  • if you can't realize you are his equal then you never will be

    the guys aren't just bullsh*tting you when they say how great you are...take a good look in the mirror one day and maybe you will see what everyone else sees

    • It's just our pasts...he was prom king, I was the regular girl. I know that was years ago, but I feel like inherently he's always going to be better than me. Even though now we are probably equally successful, and if anything, I have more friends than he does

    • High school doesn't mean jack sh*t when you're in the real world

      he was even with you in the past so what makes it any different now? if he wants you back and you want him, don't miss this opportunity to rekindle what you had..just because you were a "regular" girl doesn't mean you aren't amazing (and he must think you are an awesome chick if he wants to be with you)

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  • I think you should learn how to love yourself first, and don't think that anyone is better than you. From what I've seen guys find it really unattractive when girls put themselves down like that. And if you're boyfriend says you're pretty than don't question it. Plus looks are not everything in a relationship.