Hair products for the look I want?

I'm getting a short disconnected undercut modern quiff haircut, but I'm having trouble learning about products for the look I want. I want a matte finish with a strong hold and my hair to be in between messy and defined. Does anyone have this similar look and or can direct me to products or websites/videos that will teach me about certain products?


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  • I would recommend Mister Pompadour, By Vilain, etc... For a quiff I would say for matte finish and extreme hold use By Vilain Gold Digger. Links below.

    Remember if you are trying to have nice hair you should shampoo and condition your hair with quality products. I would recommend the peppermint shampoo and conditioner from Mister Pompadour...

    By Vilain Gold Digger:

    Mister Pompadour Shampoo and Conditioner:

    • Thank you very much!

    • I can give a better answer if I know your hair type (fine, thick, etc) and what you want from the product (volume, hold, shine)... From what it sounds like you want I wouldn't use gel as the suggestion below states.

    • Yeah I wouldn't want gel either, my hair is naturally curly but has been chemically straightened, and its thick and defined naturally without product, I have a mousse and American crew fiber clay for my defined look but not sure if thats what I want for a messy look with a bit of shine.

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  • Can you use GOT TO BE GLÜED... it's hair glue and dries pretty fast.. it holds very good seeing as I used it when I had a mohawk

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