To cake face or to scar face?

I was in a car accident a year ago and have scars all over my face from glass shards. For a while now I have covered them up. Not too cakey but not too thin either. My boyfriend loves to touch my face when we kiss. I want him to actually touch my actual FACE. But will he be turned off if I stop covering them so much? He says he looks at me and not my makeup. What should I do? If I should not wear foundation anymore can I still wear mascara? ( I have a beautiful face and great body, its just the scars!)

I have not been wearing any foundation the past two days and he calls me gorgeous 3 times as much :]


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  • Just wear a little eye make up and lip gloss I'm sure he won't even notice. I know it sounds ridiculous but guys like never notice that. Plus most guys prefer a little less make up. I have guy friends and they would rather see how a girl looks underneath the make up or maybe just a little then being all made up all the time. =]


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  • "He says he looks at me and not my makeup."

    How sweet of him to say that and I've said the same.

    However... it means "i love you babe and I will always find you attractive, however if you don't want to occasionally wear make-up I am fine with that but please don't stop wearing it all together."

    So just don't wear make-up sometimes, it's fine.

    • I just mean not focusing on hiding my scars anymore, great answer btw : )

    • Ahh... he knows they're there.

      I think if he's seen you without make-up, he's seen and will touch your scars.

      I know it's a sensitive thing for you but to me, it sounds like he'll treat the subject with respect.

      but remember, don't run around raw dog all the time :)

  • If he really loves you, he won't care.


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  • If he really cares about the scars and it turns him off, is he that great of a guy?

  • then wear a little less or none at all

    and who cares I'm sure he won't mind but if you feel a little weird just make sure its dark outside