Hairstyles for round faces (like me)?

I just wanted to get a new look and I need some suggestions. Thanks in advance!


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  • round faces need height. length around the sides makes you look like you have an enlarged head... go to the hairdresser and ask them what will suit rather than a barbers...


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  • Round face shape
    You need height and demension so stay clear of styles where your bangs fall in your face and stay away from short hair like shaved or buzzed on top. Side parts are perfect for round facial shape. It adds angles and symmetry.
    Spiked up styles look good, with sides short and longer top that spiked, it adds more height.
    The undercut is a favorite to guys with round facial shapes. The shaved sides has no width to your face, and the longer top adds height and a fullness that works well for your face and it looks good. It's popular for a reason.
    Side swept bangs are a do for round face shapes, because it has more volume. Having it cut angled helps it sweep over and not just hang in your face.
    Hope this helps
    Talking to a barber or stylist and showing a picture helps aswell.

  • Try to make your face look longer. Decrease the breath of your hair and increase your length.