Sean John "I am king"?

what do people think of it? should I get it? and has anyone smelt the new 'i am king of night' limited edition?


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  • Now that's bad luck, how come anyone has aswered this? Probably because the question is way too specific... Anyways I don't know what you're talking about but it seems to be about a parfume... why not go to the store that sells it? maybe they hand out samples...

    • pffffff to specific you don't need to be albert einstein to understand it ha ha anyway I have it now, I've had it for some time now, I can't even remember writing this post ...the fragrance is OK but only last about 1 hour then you can't smell it, I have wayyy better fragrance than 'i am king'..

      peace bro

    • Yes but most of the people is guided ONLY by the title.

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