What is going on within yourself and a guy when your eyes lock?

I was caught off guard when this guy and I, eyes locked for about a minute. But it felt longer. It felt like a trance.

My mind seemed blank and I could not move or break the stare, I really had to force myself to look away.

This was the first time he had looked at me without averting his eyes when we make eye contact.

It was a strange feeling, has anyone else ever experienced this?


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  • All I can tell you is when I look into her eyes I know we've known each other from another life and it touches me down to me soul.


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  • Weird sensation huh? I agree with Cartiphilus, and those moments are the most important ones of our lives, because who knows? Maybe you are meant to be for each other.

    It happened before between that guy and you?

    • Yes. He would watch me, but never said anything to me, except once when I greeted him. This time I happened to look up when he walked into the room and our literally locked and it felt as though no one else was in the room, and I could not look away. I was not thinking anything. It was like being hypnotized. I felt so strange afterward. This never happened to me before and I don't know was going on inside of me.