Buying a kigurumi, Help with size?

So last time I bought a kigurumi it was for a costume party thing, and the website said a medium would fit 168 - 174 cm. But when I got the kigurumi it was too small, I could still wear it, but I didn't feel comfy in it at all because it was too small.
Now I want to buy a new one, on Ebay this time, and according to the information it says a Large would fit 170 - 180 cm.
I'm 170 cm tall, but since the one I bought one year ago was too small, I'm thinking about if I should buy the XL, just to be sure.
Anyone who knows if I should buy one size too big, or hope it's not too small and buy the Large one?


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  • Get the X-Large and get it altered smaller if need be.