I have never been asked out, which of course means that I've never had my first kiss, date, anything - and now I'm a little bit worried.

I'm 5'3", blue-eyed, and I have auburn/brown/blondish hair that is always a bit wild, waves and loose curls. I don't usually wear makeup and I'm average weight. I have a bit of a tummy, but I have the hour-glass shape. I'm a C-cup currently, and it seems like I'll be a D by next year. I have a sort of piggy-nose and dimples and I'm pretty pale, but not the cute Irish freckle kind, just.. Irish pale.

You can see a pic of me here (head shot) : link

I'm in sophomore, a bit of a tomboy, I love wrestling, racing, and sports (baseball, football (u.s), and soccer are my favorites) but I'm also a singer and I've done cheer leading as a base for seven years. I'm very arts oriented and I've been working on my acting and music for the past few years, trying to get signed. I'm usually confident, but I'm a little awkward and my friends make fun of me for being innocent. I'm hotheaded and debating is fun - but I'd really like to find a guy soon. Can you guys tell me honestly if I'm attractive, and try to give me some advice?


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  • Honestly looking at you, I'd find you attractive. Its probably your personality that guys don't like about you, probly too quiet

    • Huh. Thanks for the answer - I'm usually quite loud, but now that I think about it that's normally just around my friends. I get a little shy around new people - I'll work on that.

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  • You're pretty. :)

  • yes you are! I fukin hate it when girls ask these stupid questions! Obviously your insecure so even if we did say you were attractive you still wouldn't believe and still question our answers

    • I am not insecure. I'm curious, and rather then keep my wonderings about my appearance inside and become some insecure flightly girl, I figured I would ask so I would know what to do in the future. You coming here and flaming is not answering my question, and I 'fukin hate it' when people judge people enough to swear and rave at them on the internet just from one paragraph. Its not helpful, and its not what this site is for.

    • Well it's annoying to me and it's clear you are insecure or you wouldn't be asking people if you are pretty. It's that simple. have a good day.