Guys, what makes a girl look attractive?

We're having this Christmas thingy at school.

So we have to wear appropriate clothing.

What attracts you to a girl?

Even if she hurt you before?

What makes you forget about that and just wanna freakin' talk to her?


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  • Ohh that's a hard one. It kinda depends. Look like your comfortable.

    You definitely want form fitting clothes.

    If it is a dress, have it no more than 3 inches above the top of your knee. (maybe a red dress since its christmas? also maybe add a black belt for some color plus it makes you look better.)

    You don't want to look like a slut.

    Also an outfit that always looks good in winter is a drape neck cashmere sweater and some darker looking pants or jeans. The cashmere sweater also has the added benefits of feeling ohh so good and he may not be able to resist touching u.

    • Thanks(:

      &haha yeaa, I'm just not a slut so I don't really wanna make myself look like one

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  • id say a mid length white dress with straps, and then accessorize with red belt and red necklace for the Christmas theme. he'll probs forget about it when he sees you, and if he doesn't talk to you right away probs because he's in awe :P

  • confidence

    and a a nice dress

    either like a flowerly dress or a nice white and/or black dress

    and I don't know it depends on the degree of which she hurt me


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