How can I boost my attractiveness?

Lols! I'm just wondering because I'm going to be going over to my boyfriend's place today, and I want to look extra pretty for him just to surprise him. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thank you. ^_^

Makeup tips and ideas on what to wear would be especially appreciated. ^_^


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  • It's really nice that you want to do something extra special for him.

    I suggest that you go light on the makeup, especially face powder. It's a turn-off if you make out.

    A little blush is OK, but not layer upon layer of powder. Lipstick is good. Eye makeup is good too, just don't be able to sign your name in it.

    Clothing --- the simpler the better. Something on the order of your picture captioned 'Dressed up for no reason'. It's feminine.

    For a more informal occasion, jeans and a tee-shirt would be nice.

    May fortune smile upon you!



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  • Shower right before you go.

    Wear chapstick.

    When he opens the door attack him with kisses.

  • Glam your hair up, makeup that accentuates your best facial features (cheeks, eyes, lips etc). A feminine outfit (a cute dress that shows just enough chest area, form fitting, cute heels)

  • are you joking? you are SOOO hot as you are!

    • I was actually quite serious, but thank you so much for saying so. It was very kind of you to say. :)

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