What would you do/how would u react if u saw a man wearing a skirt (no kilt) Please more detail in opinion or say what U would personally do. U do?

  • You compliment him for being brave & different enough to do it (be open minded)
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  • It's just another guy wearing clothes (who cares?)
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  • Ridicule the guy (be a scumbag)
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  • Try to talk the guy out of it (be close minded)
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  • Just look at the guy & wonder why is he wearing that (be clueless of the fact skirts rant just for female)
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Rant was supposed to be aren't (stupid auto correct)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Say it with me, "clothing is gender neutral"

    If a guy wants to wear a skirt, more power to him. I mean after all i think each gender should have a 'no pants' option in clothing.

    • Someone who understands, I commend you! 👍

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    • Maybe talk about how its just an article of clothing. Its society that felt the need to assign a gender to a piece of clothing, which is kinda weird.

    • I agree, but I also think it is quite stupid as well

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What Girls Said 2

  • My brows would furrow and I would give a small smile because I haven't ever seen a man do that except for a drag show. But I would think "He can wear what he wants" and be on my way.

  • Nothing but heavily stare


What Guys Said 3

  • I would go option A

  • I think it's cool that u wear what u want

    • I like it how certain people will understand or simply accept changes of others (open minded) I don't have any skirts but that doesn't mean it will always be like that. Again thank u for the understanding!

  • It would look weird to me. But none of my business, good for him...

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