How do you look sophisticated?

I feel like a lot of my clothes look very teenage to me. And i'd like to learn to dress a little more sophisticated and classy, do any of you have som ideas or inspiration on how to?
- Sara


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  • Wear plain color cloths (single coloured ones). Bright colours can be avoided (though not compulsory). Lenin shirts often look classy and sophisticated. these are some of my tips

    • Ohh and MOST IMPORTANTLY, your cloths should be relatively understated in a manner such that they compliment your beauty rather than take attention away from you. Basically cloths should look less flashy.

    • thank you im really greatfull for those tips

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  • Wear what suits you, stay demure. I noticed someone said about 3 colours and 3 is actually a no no for sophistication... 2 colours maximum unless they are in varying shades (ie creams or greys)

    Only wear colours which suit you, wear only plain t shirts as a slogan is teenage and a bit trashy... I will often have a grunge weekend when i am staying home and wear stuff like this for a fix lol

    blouses, cleavage of upper breasts only and no side boob on the inside or out... wear items that emphasize your figure but not sexy or figure hugging... there are lots of different things. Why do you want to change?

    • Oh thank you i will definitely try to (: I want the change because i feel like the clothes is me, just me a few years ago. There are a lot of band t shirts, and crazy colours and such. Id like to tone it down, i just wasn't quite sure how =)))

    • go for clothing with a flattering cut over tight things... its not just about looking more sophisticated though you have to be able to carry it off too, walking tall, head high, good posture, polite and the such :)

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  • I think the key isn't so much what you wear, but how you wear it. Do different combinations of what you already have. Don't combine over 3 colours in an outfit, and only one statement piece of clothing. Have some basic clothes that can be combined with many outfits, in black , beige or white, like T-shirts, pants, a leather jacket, a nice pair of jeans, a blazer, a black dress. Don't show too much skin. I mean, if you wear short shorts, avoid to also show your decolletage etc. Don't follow blindly the new trends, find your personal style, and choose only what expresses you.

    • Thank you that were really good advice :00

  • You're a teenager. Enjoy wearing teenage clothes. Its cute wearing logo shirts with torn jeans when you're younger. When you're a month shy of 20 with a kid you get judged. Start with just solid colors and pearls though if you want to really make a change.

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