Guys, on a girl, what's your favorite dress color?

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  • That's really going to depend on the girl...
    For instance, if she was Asian (East Asian) for example, then a white or a cream would look great kind of like this,

    If she were Caucasian like English or something, then a light blue or white would look really nice sort of like this,

    If she were Indian, maybe a purple with some other colors mixed in (in a saree) would look great, like this,

    It's also going to depend on the dress type. I think some dress types even look more flattering on some girls than others. For instance, maybe if she were Latino, rather than the looser whispier kind of dress like the Asian girl I showed before, possibly something a little more form fitting would look really nice, like this,

    So, it's just going to depend on what she looks like and what she might look good in.

  • Red, Black and White all look nice, blue as well.

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