Where can I buy some affordable lingerie in Canada or online?

I want to expand my lingerie collection but everything is so expensive and I have trouble finding stuff that fits my boobs (34DDD). So far I've been ordering from Ebay and buying from H&M, are there any other good places you recommend?
Thanks :)


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  • I don't know... Victoria secret

    • They are really expensive, lol if you don't know why did you comment?

    • was just a suggestion

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  • There is a better selection than I thought - Here is search page of Google I did

    • Lol you think I didn't try googling it?

    • I am not surprised if people do or don't google on here anymore.

    • Haha okay well I've done my fair share of googling and everything either is very expensive or doesn'tcome in my size. Thanks though

  • I'm sure you can find a Moose who works for Victoria's Secret.

    • No, they are too big to fit in the igloo

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