Why do you hate/ love the USA?

I know its politically correct to hate George Bush, and hate the US, and hate Fox news, but why?

Why is it that the one news station that leans right is the bad guy over all the rest that lean left?

IF you hate George Bush, then why not Obama? Because he can't read a teleprompter as well or doesn't kiss the worlds ass?

What is it about the US that you people don't like, will you admit its jealousy?

BUT if you love the US then why?


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  • I didn't mind George Bush at first, I didn't like him later on, but I have more respect for him now; I think he's a lot more human than people seem to think. I voted for Obama, but I don't agree with a lot of his decisions. I find him really disappointing.

    I hate all major news networks. They have too many talk shows and not enough actual reporting. I don't want to hear some analyst's opinion of what happened, I just want to know what happened.

    I'm not always happy with the U.S., but I don't hate it. My mom's side of the family came here after World War II because they would've been executed if they stayed in Europe (plus, Communism screwed them over), my dad's side is full of service members--I was brought up to have an appreciation for America, not to hate it. The people who just complain about the country seem to lack that sentiment.


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  • The only thing I hate about the US is that it isn't the US people used to look up to, anymore. Its founding principles lie trampled in the mud. You've sold your industrial base to China and are keeping up the appearance of wealth by racking up a huge debt owed to Russia, China and Japan, at a rate which you must triple if you're going to stay abreast the costs of the new proposed social security measures. Discrimination has not only been legalized but is now mandatory, and your universities have whole departments whose only output are essays on how women are superior to men and should have special rights.

    I know your TV is telling you there's nothing out here in the rest of the world but poverty, disease, cities in ruins and desert. It's a lie. Stop by; you might even want to stay.

    • We do have a giant trade defecit to China and that needs to be rectified. Our morals are gone and the society will soon fall as a result of how we act. I am a patriot but I have to admit you're absolutely right.

  • I hate both Obama and Bush. I hate both Democrats and Republicans. I hate both Fox News and MSNBC.

    Being a libertarian is fun.

  • Obama is certainly better at public speaking than Bush, but that doesn't mean he is any more or less intelligent. Although, others might disagree with that.

    I was born and raised here and everyone that I know and care for lives here. I'm sure that people that live in other countries love it there. I have an immense sense of pride for the US, but its not something I can easily explain. I plan on dedicating my life to defending it soon.

    The US is not perfect and we have made mistakes, every other country is the same way in that regard. I can understand that people from other countries dislike some of our policies, but I really don't understand how they could dislike/hate America as a whole. I have disliked leaders such as Kim Jong Il and Ahmadinejad, but not nations.

    • Good answer, are you going go the military?

    • Yeah, either in between school years or after college completely. I haven't decided which though.

    • Well if your family is middle class, going in after highschool can allow you to have a free college education and free housing while you're in college as well.