Girls, Is it wrong of guys to wear A-shirts?

I started wearing light-colored ones, but only in hot summer weather when I'm outside for lengthy time periods (I hate AR heat); when my family saw me with one, my sister told me that I looked like trash and my mom said that guys can't wear them.

One of my largest pet peeves is when girls get whore-shamed for having _ sex partners while guys get fist bumps; I don't call them 'wife beaters' because I find it offensive, and I'd hate upsetting people by what I wear, but IS there a sex difference in your opinion for A-shirts?

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  • I mean wear them mowing the grass or put working. I wouldn't recommend wearing one to your next family dinner but you can certainly wear them if ur out doing stuff in the sun and heat outside


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  • Nope - nothing wrong with it. =)

  • It's not wrong. No one has a right to shame you over a simple t shirt.

    Some people will find them informal, sloppy, and also have negative preconceived notions about people who wear those shirts.

    Do what makes you happy and comfortable.

    It's just a t shirt.

  • Mehhhhh. I have to agree with your sister and mom. I mean, just wearing them around the house or just being out to get something real quick or to work out in, it's okay to wear. But... To wear them in public? I know i sound pretty snobby compared to everyone else who has posted a comment, but it's what I feel is the truth.
    If the shirt is thin enough for someone to see your nipples, it's not really meant to be worn by itself (it's an undershirt).
    Maybe if the shirt is a bit thicker or something?
    To be completely honest, if i saw a guy in his undershirt at the movies or the mall, even if he was cute, I would not approach him or anything. The shirt just looks very messy and not very attractive if he's wearing it just to wear. If it was a place like the gym or wal mart i guess its more acceptable?

    • I really just put a regular shirt on for trips to the mall, movies, even Walmart and the gym; the gym, at least, has air conditioning. I'm not trying to sound sensitive, but I just have some questions to try to get a better sense of your view. For one thing, you said that it's okay to wear to Walmart, but wouldn't that also be in public? Also, what do you think of girls wearing them and why?

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    • Thanks for the answers; they gave me more understanding of what you said.

    • No problem.

  • As long as it fits -and it's clean, if you're wearing it in public -but those things hold for everyone, I'd say you're probably fine.