If I know that eventually I'll dump her because of her looks, should I still go out with her?

A girl asked me out. I prefer someone hotter, but I still like her. I'm never going to marry her because of her looks, so eventually I'm going to dump her. Is it still OK for me to have a relationship with her?

I really like her personality. She thinks I'm really smart and I like girls that adore me. And she has nice legs and boobs.

But she's a bit too short (<5'1)... :(

I know it sounds very superficial but that's just my taste.


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  • so basically if you know she is not good enough to date long term why even waste the girl's time?

    so what if she has a good personality. you don't date people just because of personality.

    it seems like you obviously just want something to do at the expense of this girl's emotions. she obviously really liked you if she got up the courage to ask her out, don't use her like that, its not fair.

    this is why I don't believe in girls asking guys out. once again my point has been proven. GIRLS: IF HE REALLY WANTS YOU HE WOULD HAVE ASKED YOU OUT. there was a reason why he didnt. see this guy is considering dating the girl just to settle but she's not who he really wants.


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  • Lol, loser. Don't go out with her-save her from having to date a d*** like you.

    • LOL. So you've never dumped anyone before? Basically I can only date if I want to marry her?

    • LOL. I don't think I actually said that. And I have never dumped anyone before no.

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  • Ya you're basically a douchebag. You want all the power, and girls to just hang all over you.. Who doesn't like big boobs and nice legs? Who cares if she's short.. she's a person, she has feelings. Don't lead her on.

    • But I still like her right now. Everyone's gonna break up someday....

    • It's all about looks to you. Women usually don't age as well as men anyway, so it's probably only going to get worse as she gets older. When you love someone, it shouldn't matter how they look, how they age.. If they become obese, you help them lose weight for their HEALTH, not for your own personal gratification.. Sometimes the least attractive people make the best partners in the end. You just sound like you're way too focused on this. Break it off with her before you ruin her totally.

    • I totally agree with the answerer on this.....i hate guys that thinks looks is that all matter it doesnt....you should be in a relastionship because you have something to talk about and in common and I have a boyfriend and he's not the hottest guy in the world and I'm not ether and I like him because we have stuff in common not his looks...so don't be a douchebag and a idiot

  • Okay.. my ex was the "ugly duckling turned swan".. I loved her when she wasn't attractive really, but I loved her personality.. Now that she's hot, she dumped me.. made some very insulting remarks about my appearance and feels she deserves someone more attractive. I was so good to her, she was my queen.. I am ruined because of this. It's been nearly half a year, and there are days I still can barely get out of bed.. You sound very shallow, just like her.