Would you date a guy who is feminine (Style and Fashion)?

I'm not gay, or a perv. I am not weird.
The word i suppose i would like to use would be feminime..
Girls want the manly man type.. Understandably.
But im just not that guy...
Let me explain.

What is comfortable to me, tighter jeans. Tighter pants.
Smaller underwear, thongs are so comfy to me...
Id love to rock a speedo.
I like to show off my body...

I can pick up any girl i wanted, attractive, and a great personality.
Im single because i am not sure if i can find a girl who would understand.

Sure this day and age tighter pants on guys is not so weird...
But i still feel as if what if comfortable to me is considered being a creep...
And beleive me, i am no creep...

Sure i suppose i need a back bone, and not care what people think..
But i kinda do...

I just want to wear what makes me comfortable without being judged...
And, i like tighter pants and feminime clothing...

Are there any girls out there who like guys who are feminime in this certain way?
And if so.. Marry me.. lol... Jokes aside...
This is ripping me apart from the insides...
I wish i could wear what you wear...

I guess my question is, would you date somone who is feminime in this way..
With caring about the person but not what he wears...


Most Helpful Girl

  • You lost me at thongs... ಠ_ಠ

    I actually do like feminine characteristics in a guy, like being sensitive and gentle, and dressing nicely (skinny jeans are fine).


Most Helpful Guy

  • You sound metrosexual and lots of girls like that.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, in fact I prefer more effeminate guys. I find them very attractive.


What Guys Said 5

  • Hey dude I'll go ahead and tell you that you're weird but it's cool and some chicks would dig it. Nothing wrong with being weird I guess.

  • The hefty feminists will love you

  • Just start dating some won't like it some will lol who cares.

  • I'm gay and I dated them before

  • well if i were a girl iw ould but im just a bisexual boy :/

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