Would you rather say #HI verbally or by lifting your eyebrows?

  • I lift my eyebrows to say hi.
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  • I do it with my tongue.
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  • I tried the eyebrows and smiles one time but the person I was communicating to non-verbally did not see my facial expressions due to poor eye site and thought I was both embarrassing them and ignoring them. Now I express my "hi"s verbally or with an arm wave.

    • The eyebrow thingy also has its cons...

      But whenever I do that, I assure that the person has a split second eyecontact with me.

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  • I'm bout to confuse you all because I say hi differently depending on who I'm saying it to and how I see them, so pay attention:
    When walking past them:
    Friends - Lift eyebrows and nod head up
    Complete strangers - nod head down an small smile
    Teachers (those I like) - Wave an say it loud
    Family - Same as teachers.

    When actually walking to them:
    Friends - Walk up and say sup
    Complete strangers - Generally same as walking past them
    Teachers - Say hi an maybe talk
    Family - Depends on relative, generally I say hey

    With females I'm crushing on/flirting with: I usually lift my eyebrows, an was told I do a cute eye thing like squinting but not exactly...

    • That actually is my stuff to but... the lifting eyebrows part dominate in me

  • I am a physical nod across the room usually.

  • Turn away and down 😎