Girlfriend or just one nighter?

how does a guy decide whether or not he wants to make a girl his bf? What am I doing wrong? guys just think I'm good for a one night stand but not a do I make myself more in the girlfriend category?

gf not bf...


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  • Well for me after I meet them and talk to them I think about how they make me feel and how I connect to them. If they're attractive and I'm just not really feeling it I would probably just go for the one-nighter. Though if we have a good connection I wouldn't go that route. Just finding the right person for a relationship when I meet them, etc. Just because I don't connect with them in that way though doesn't mean I don't want to enjoy the night with them. That and if you don't want to be in the "one night stand" category, don't present the option for it. Don't sleep with them the first time you meet them. If you sleep with them once, they're going to want that EVERY time. There's not really any regressing. Once the guy has full access to the whole menu, that's what he's gonna expect every time.


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  • well all I can say is what kind of guys are you going out with?

    look for a guy that You know will be interested on gettin to kno the real you and not jus one night stand

    Also, the way you might act or dress

    the way you dress says a lot of things about yourself