What attracts white guys to Asian girls and likewise?

Just wanted to know why there's a lot of White guys and Asian girl couples out there. What attracts Asian girls and What attracts White guys to each other?

stop the hating people. we shouldn't be racist to each other.


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  • Eyes. Petite body. Hair. Accent. Skin color. Smart. Culture.

    For me I grew up around a lot of white girls. My highschool was 85% white. After that I noticed I liked the more exotic looking type girls. Blonde hair and blue eyes is normal for me because that's what I am and that's what I'm surrounded by. It goes the same way for asian girls...they are attracted to the guys they aren't used to being around. Asian guys = short...white guys = tall.

    If I meet a cute asian girl it always seems like there's a sparkle in her eye or somethin. It feels like a sexual force field and it lures me in uncontrollably 8)


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  • i'm asian and for some reason I have been only attracted to white guys all my life! I grew up around them and went to hs mostly dominated by whites...For me, I love there colored eyes and light hair color! If they don't have that, I'm still attracted to them, I think it's the way they carry themselves. No offense to anyone, but I don't like asian guys because of there chinky eyes, mine aren't at all. I have big eyes with a little slant so you can tell I'm some type of asian. I'm half cambodian/half chinese. Mexican guys are just creepy to me and black guys are too ghetto for me.

    • Okay, you get a thumb down for saying Mexican guys. I'm pretty sure you mean Hispanic guys. Mexican falls under being Hispanic. Not everyone with brown/tan/olive skin that speaks spanish, is Mexican.

    • Sry I meant hispanic