How would I look with a pixie cut?

My face in the profile pic


Hopefully this link works


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  • Honestly matey, I personally think you look pretty beautiful in the hair you have now, I don't really like Pixie cuts, but that's just my own personal opinion.

    You get whatever you want though matey, Its your hair after all!, Im just saying i think you look fine in the hair you currently have ! ;)

    • It doesn't look like that all the time tho...

    • Im just saying matey, I think longer hair looks better on you ;)

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  • No. Your face is too round for a pixie cut. Pixie cuts are best for women with thin tapering triangular faces.

  • I can't see the pictures...

    In general though, I think maybe 1/20 girls can pull of a pixie hair cut, not look 'butch' and instead look beautiful in a classy way.

    However, I myself like a girl with long hair, it is just feminine and fun I think, but I know lots of girls give this hair cut a chance, and you are young, so why not.

  • Hmmm, I don't think it would fit you.
    But who knows, maybe it will. But I, for one, advice you against it.

  • Pixie cut never looks better than your length of hair.

    • What?

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    • Not true, have you seen Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence? They look AMAZING with pixie cuts!

    • Yeah, and they each look way fucking better with longer hair length.

  • I'm not seeing any link. Try uploading to a public image sharing website


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  • This is SO hard :(
    Sorry, it took me like 3 hours to try to crop off your hair with my fingers, lol, I was like tilting my head and like covering part of your hair with my finger (There should be a pixie cut app!! grr)
    Usually i'd be like "Go for it, girl!" And I think it would look good on you, but your hair length right now totally looks just as good!! But I feel you, I always want to change up my boring hair that i've had at my waist for like 5 years now.
    If you're gonna get one, which I actually think you should now!! (Btw worst case scenario? You don't like it? It'll grow back!!)
    So here are some options
    haircuts. jpg
    Try to keep it simple and short :-)

    • You didn't need to do that! I'm so sorry you went through all that trouble

    • Lol its fine! I waas over exaggerating (more like 1 minute lol)

    • Okay good 😂

  • You would look like a punk with one because your eyes and nose and mouth are already very expressive looking. You need something to tone yourself down and make you appear more mild such as long hair or grey clothes.

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