Wide Noses?

I'm mixed with black and white

so I kind of have a wide nose and lately I've been feeling insecure about it I know I'm not completely ugly but, it seems like narrower noses look better and wide noses are less attractive.

So I was wondering is a wide nose attractive?


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  • Im African American and I am married to a Caucasian girl and I have a 1 year old son and I thought about the day he would start noticing certain ethnic features as you mentioned. I have the "African" nose myself. Big nostrils...and kids made jokes at me in high school but it was all in good fun. Embrace that part of you baby girl. I mean, I'll tell you though...if you truly feel as if you REALLY can do without, a nose job would be the last option.

    Here's a helpful link on info for a nose job:



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  • That depends on what the rest of your face looks like.

    Guys look at your face as a whole; girls are much more critical of individual features.

    A smile is good makeup.

    Slight eye-makeup might draw attention away from your nose, if you're self-conscious about it..

    Lipstick helps, too.



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  • What does you being mixed have to do with the size of your nose?

  • it depends on your face

    people with wide noses can be attractive

    people with narrow noses can be unattractive

    rihanna is one example that stands out off the top of my head. she has a pretty wide nose and is considered attractive.