Would you date someone who dresses edgier than you, the same as you or less edgy than you?

Do you prefer people with the same sense of style as you or not? eg If you're preppy, would you date someone who dresses in a certain's subculture style, or vice versa? If you dress alternatively, would you date someone with even more extreme style than you? What are your limits?

  • edgier than me
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  • less edgy than me
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  • the same
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  • doesn't matter
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What Guys Said 1

  • On the basis that everyone dresses edgier than I do then the answer is yes


What Girls Said 3

  • Whatever - I'd be fine with it. =)
    If he dresses edgier than me it might bring my game up a notch as well...

    • ^what i was thinking. The Game can't always be notched up!

    • @pavlove
      indeed there are some people whose appearance is more extreme than you can handle

    • i think of edgier as in more hardcore into the fashion i already like (gq or soemthing) but now that i reread the question like if a girl has those big earings or has that ring that goes through the middle part of their nose then I'm turned off physically...

  • Don't care

  • It doesn't matter to me.