Heading to Australia in 2 weeks, what clothes should I bring?

Specifically, I'm going to Melbourne and yes I know it's winter there!
I'm thinking of bringing this coat, some turtlenecks, fleeces, hoodies, jeans, boots. Do I need thermals? Or hat/gloves/scarf? Thanks!!!

Heading to Australia in 2 weeks, what clothes should I bring?


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  • Hello sweetpea! Yay! You're coming to Melbourne!
    I suggest you bring some very warm clothes! It get's around 1'C (at it's coldest) to 15'C (maximum). The coldest it will be during the day is 10'C and it can drop down lower 😐
    -nice warm socks
    -turtlenecks sound great!
    -fleeced hoodies
    -that coat looks good to! (Have you got a coat that stops around your waist to? That will be good) is it waterproof?

    People wear those boots with the fleece/sheepskin inside the boots here as well (that is very fashionable) if you have them, bring them to.

    People tend to wear very sporty clothes here like Northface, Adidas, Nike, reebok if you know what I mean. If you want to know what Melbourne fashion is like, it's very sporty, yet comfortable.

    At night people dress up really nice for the night life! So bring some nice (smart casual things to wear, and heels if you want to)

    I hope you have fun here! Let me know if you need help with anything? 😬

    • Wow that's such a great response!!! Ok so it looks like warm clothes it is, I didn't think I would need a beanie or gloves!!!
      My coat is "water resistant" which I think means waterproof? I only have room for one coat so I'll bring this one, and I do have warm winter boots, I can bring those too!! I'm excited!

      So people in Melbourne wear thermals? I'll pack those as well :)

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    • Hehe I'm glad I could help sweetpea! You will fit in perfectly! 😬 I hope you have a fun time here ☺️

    • Thank you for MH πŸ™ˆ

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  • I live in Brisbane and it's really not that cold, a light jacket or jumper (hoodie) is enough. However, Melborn is colder but I still think that jacket might be overdoing it. I'm also sure you don't thermals. I checked the weather there and on avg it's like 5-10 degrees cooler there than in Brissy. I think a medium jacket is more than enough. I also don't think you need gloves. It never gets bellow 40...

    • the lowest this week is going to be 45 there

    • oh make sure you bring a decent umbrella, the umbrellas here suck and I can't find a good small umbrella for the life of me

  • Lol uh you're not going to need the same winter clothes that you would need here, what's cold to them isn't close to what we consider cold. You wouldn't need much more then a jacket I'd imagine.

    Also it never gets anywhere cold enough for them to even have snow, so that should give you an idea of how warm it is there.

    • There is a girl below who is actually from Melboure, and she said that coat I posted was good, and that I'll need thermals/fleece/gloves and a beanie... that's pretty warm attire if you ask me!

    • I've spoken to to them about it to, but you have to understand is what they perceive as cold, isn't as cold as what we think cold is, I imagine besides a decent jacket or hat you wouldn't need much else, defiantly not that arctic jacket you have up there lol.

  • I think it is mild enough there - Hoodie and maybe a jacket should be enough.


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  • I don't think it gets extremely cold during the winter in Australia. I've seen several Australian users here talk about how they've never seen snow because it never gets cold enough for that. I don't live there though so I could be wrong. Lol

    I know @mooky06 is Australian and I think I've seen her mention that she lives in Melbourne so she would probably be much more helpful than me :)

  • Ok its good you're smart enough to realize summer in America is going to be winter in Australia! (Must be weird having Christmas in summer lol?)
    So their winters usually last June to August. So its already warming off a tad bit, so you won't need to go over the top with snow wear. Its definitely not extremely cold there but MOST DEFINITELY bring coats and wear layers!
    Cute AND cozy (win, win!)
    This reminds me more of a stroll in New York during December, but who cares its so stylish.
    But, I may bring bring a snow coat if I were you just to be safe, and you may go skiing or snowboarding?
    Also, one last thing, yes bring scarfs and winter boots maybe some beanies too.
    Please wear that lol, so cute

    • Hi! Thanks for your reply! The girl above said the coat I posted was fine, and I don't really want to buy a new coat/no room in my luggage for more than one!!! What do you think of my coat? Will it work? And yep, the other girl said bring a scarf and beanie too so I'll do that. With thermals too!

    • Your coat will work just fine. If its perhaps too much, just wear multiple layers and on the extra cold days wear that coat. You can do tons of snow activities in it. I mean its not vogue material haha! But it'll work perfect :)
      Its just myself I think that would go crazy over all the super cute winter apparel.

  • First find out what the weather there is at this time of year. I could only imagine it'd be scorching. If it's hot bring light airy clothes (no dark colors).

    • It's winter! Almost freezing, the person said above. So looks like thermal underwear, and that big coat!

    • Really? Didn't realize the major difference in seasons.

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