Why would a guy look at you all the time but not smile or try to talk to you?

There is this guy who goes to the same school as me. I see him on the bus sometimes. The only time he ever talked to me was once on this bus and he said "Are you going to the college?" And I said "Yes". We take public transit. He looks, glances and sometimes stares at me.

. Almost every time I'm in the same room or I walk by him he looks at me. Sometime he seems kind of happy. But the thing is he doesn't smile. Maybe there is something there but barely. Its like he's trying to seem calm and cool. He does not look mean or mad, he just looks at me. One time I walked past him and he stared right into my face, so I smiled at him to be nice and he didn't turn away. He seems shy but at the same time he doesn't. Why would he do this? Why would a guy look at you all the time but not smile or try to talk to you? I wish I could really show you so you could actually see what is going on.

I hope this question makes sense. Please answer. No perverted comments please. Keep it clean.

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  • Hey - I've had girls stare at me and smile and all that and I haven't smiled, or approached them or even acknowledged them. Why? Becuase I'm extremely shy and intimidated by certain women. I'm sure when he walks by you and you smile he is extremely happy inside..BELIEVE me, when A girl does that to me, I look away as though I am completely uninterested. But inside I'm really happy and hoping she will talk to me.

    And he tried to initiate something with you before on the bus - if that was the extent of your conversation I don't blame him for not wanting to start another. Try talking to him, I'm sure he'd be glad you did

    • I did make sure I said it really nicely and friendly though. Would that still cause him to not to want make conversation? That's all I really had the guts to say because I'm painfully shy too.

    • Well if he's just as shy, asking you that was probably really really hard for him. And then a one word response can sometimes feel like failure. But that's just my opinion. That's how I'd feel and I'm terribly shy

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  • he might like you and be afraid of being too forward. perhaps you should start talking to him

    when he asked you the question and all you said was yes, you didn't really leave much more for conversation and he got nervous. maybe you should've asked "are you?" or something.

    idk. hard to tell. but I still think there's nothing wrong with you just being friendly. maybe if he feels you might be somewhat interested he'll talk?