Am I just average looking or ugly?

I used to find dates with attractive females in college all the time. Now, I can't even impress girls who I would rate a 5/10. So, 1. Am I that bad? 2. What can I do to improve? 3. On a scale of 1-10?

If you don't want to answer all three, that's fine. Any input will help. Please be honest. I'm not looking for an ego boost, I want to know the truth.

My Pics link

Please include your ethnicity too. I like minority girls the most, especially Latinas. So I want to see how I stack up. I got much love for my wonder bread sisters too, so don't worry!


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  • Am I that bad?


    What can I do to improve?

    Lose some weight, work on your tan, smile more, buy some classier clothes like button-up shirts, grow your hair longer, buy some cool sunglasses...

    I like pictures 6, 9 and 10; you look good in a baseball cap and with some stubble.

    On a scale of 1-10?

    Like 5 in some pics, like 7 in others. Maybe 6 average.

    Depends which pics are older. Try to recreate how you look in pics 6,9, and 10. You`re sexy in those. :)


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  • I would rate you a 8/10

    I think you're really cute, I'd date you

  • I am not even going to look at your pictures. If you are asking this question, you may have some insecurities. Everyone does but depending on the extent, it may come off as a lack of confidence. Most women do not find this attractive. My advice would be for you to do what makes you feel better, feel healthier.

  • You have good potential

    Lose weight, improve your teeth and dress better. Keep the stubble though it makes you look rugged

    I guess I would give you a 6/10 but you could be an 8/10 with some improvements


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  • probably

    work out or find a consistancey as to why they reject you


    Im gonna be honest, if you can't take it then don't read it...

    One thing you've got going is you've got huge potential,

    you really not ugly, you've gained weight, BAD dress sense and yellow teeth..

    Mainly its the dress sense...

    Throw away your whole wardrobe and go shopping with a girl or mate who dresses well...

    Or invest in a personal shopper... with the car you drive my guess is maybe you can afford one. They not that expensive as you think.. maybe 130-300 for a day.. You'll only ever need him/her for a day and that will probably be the best usd300 you'll ever spend...

    Also spend about usd500 to get your teeth whittened... also the best investment you ever do..

    And I don't have to tell you about how to lose weight... you've got a good frame though..

    • I appreciate your candor. You are 100% right about the weight and teeth. I am working that issue as we speak, so moving on. Just out of curiosity, what is so bad about the clothes? Too plain? Even if you don't answer, thank you again.

    • Looks out dated.. miami drug dealer kinda way...