Girls who live in the Northeast, silly winter clothes question?

Going to college in the fall and I have a question about thermal long underwear. Do you own them? Are they something you wear every day fall/winter or just on the coldest days?


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  • You mostly wear them under your clothes in the coldest of days like in the 20s or below.

    • So you don't just wear them every day like as a routine?

    • Only if it's crazy cold for the next couple days.

  • It depends on your toleration to the cold. I grew up in the northeast so I'm used to it, and could probably withstand going outside butt naked in single digits weather if need be, so I don't ever wear long underwear. However, if you're not as tolerant than its perfectly normal and a good idea to wear them under jeans if you jeans aren't thick enough, you could also look into fleece or wool lined leggings, which look like normal leggings but keep you super warm in cold weather. If it's only a bit nippy outside, I wouldn't bother with the hassle of wearing thermals but if it's snowing or bitterly cold you'll probably be thankful that you did.

    • Thanks! Yeah I'm moving in from the south so cold is not my thing lol... it looks like it's something I'll just wear all the time and get used to once fall rolls around?

    • Yeah, it will probably take some adjustment so you can wear them just to be safe. If you're only going to be outside for a short amount of time and the rest of the day you're going to be inside I wouldn't bother wearing them if the temperature is above freezing, but once it drops more you're gonna want to layer up.