I'm Hairy!

You could say I'm a pretty hairy guy. I have a good amount of hair on my legs, thighs, chest, and even my butt. No hair on my back thank god. I try to shave everything except my legs on a regular basis, but it gets to be a hassle to spend 20-30 minutes every day shaving my body... Some of the places are pretty tricky to do too.

I was thinking about not doing everything but the pubic region which I would trim. Would this be enough, or would girls still expect me to shave off everything? I would still do the chest probably as well since that isn't hard, but my bum and thighs are just too time consuming and tricky to do.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Wow, welcome to our world! Girls like and dislike different things. Personally I don't like hair. At all. Shaving is very time consuming. Your probably going to not like this suggestion lol but try waxing. When you wax, the hair takes a little bit longer to grow back. If that's a no then just shave when you know that people are going to see that part of your body.


What Guys Said 1

  • For god sakes keep the chest hair!

    What are women looking for? A boy? that's crazy talk man!

    Hair on the back? Gawd yes shave the damn thing. But don't take away all the manhood.