are theses turn ons or turn offs?

1) I love watching football

2) I stay out of drama and always take care of my friends and I am opinionated and won't back down

3) I laugh and smile like all the time

4) I can focus on someone when they talk but the rest of the time I and easily distracted

5) I wear jeans and tees like all the time and when I don't I love sweats

6) I don't wear a lot of makeup but my hair is always cute

7) I like just hanging out and watching movies or playing wii

8) I play softball and work out a bit

9) I love talking on the phone about nothing

10) I love trying new things


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  • They're all turn ons trust me but if you're tryna get wit sumbody and can't don't blame yourself because people are all screwed up these days, good guys get wit shi**y girls and good girls get with shi**y guys so just be glad you're not with sum as*hole lol

    • Well I dated a guy for like 8 months and it was amazing we never fought but he left me for a girl not half as nice and not as pretty and I never understood that but you are soooo right thank you =]

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    • Shit this is SO true :O

    • Just tellin it like it is. lol

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  • You sound just like me. Hope the responses from this are good! lol

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