Anyone who is African American/black, would you let someone who is non African American/black do your hair?

I'm asking because I read an article about a woman named Lauren Casper who adopted a baby from Ethiopia and is learning and doing her hair. That made me think of full black and partial/half black who's parents aren't black nor do they know how to do hair and how their hair can be dry and matted and what not. I know not many, hardly any people who are non black know how to do African American hair. When an African-American woman goes to get her hair done or anything that has to do with her hair, her hair dresser is usually always the same ethnicity.
Would you trust a non black hair dresser who knew how to do your hair with your hair?
Sorry this question is not just for African American women, any black women of the world. (I had America on my mind when thinking of this)

  • As long as she knew what she was doing.
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  • Probably, though I'd be a bit skeptical..
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  • Oh, heeeell no! She's not touching my hair!
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  • I hear a lot of hairdressers from multiracial countries do courses in black peoples' hair to open up themselves to try and get more customers.


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  • Only if they knew what they were doing. A while back I had a friend of mine who was white mess with my afro because she wanted to try and style it because she wanted to see what it was like to do black hair, and I ended up trying to get out knots and kinks for hours afterwards. While I love my friends of all different races, never again will I let them fuck with my hair. . -.


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  • I typically ask to see their past work or do a consultation. Also I ask if they do the diva cut/cult girl method and often don't I don't bother.
    I've only ha my hair cut a couple of times and they've both been mixed.

  • I don't mind as long as the hairdresser really knew what she or he was doing

  • im African (not "black" or american)

    and i dont think i will let people do my hair