Girls, when shopping for bras, how are they organized?

Pretty soon is going to be my first time bra shopping on my own (assuming I'm let to do it on my own), and I'd like to make it as easy as possible. How are they organized, so I know where to look? By cup size, by designer, by type, by pattern/design? Are all the sizes in one area? Sorry if these are stupid questions.


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  • Often the shops will group certain styles together. I depends what you're looking for really! But the actual entire bra section will be easy enough to spot (it's often called lingerie or whatever, if you get mixed up).
    Anyway, so depending on where you go, sometimes they have a signature or designer or autograph collection- this is literally just the ones that will be there for the season or limited time, otherwise they will be just grouped together. The larger sizes DD+ are normally in a separate group so they're easier to find. But find the style you like, and the colour and (presuming you know your size) the smallest sizes will be at the front, and as you go back on the hangers the sizes will increase. It's pretty easy to navigate.
    Just in case you want to know, they often have a section for younger girls. These bras are often more comfortable when you get your first ones and they don't have a wire (which is just to help keep the shape- it's really nothing to worry about!).
    If you get stuck or aren't quite sure- just ask. The shop assistants will be happy to help and know what they're doing. I would suggest getting measured properly or by someone with experience (your mum will probably help!) and before you buy any bras, just try them on in the fitting rooms and see if they're comfortable.
    Don't worry if it's weird at first! After a while, it gets much more normal!
    hope this helped! Good Luck
    Lucy x
    (feel free to message me if you want to ask anything else)

    • Thanks a lot, this was really helpful :) Although I'm not a younger girl--this isn't my first bra. I'm fifteen. It's just that original my mom had just sort of brought home a couple for me to try on, so I've never had to actually look for any. Besides, that time it was pretty much just like get a set of the right size and move on, the same way you might buy a pack of underwear with several pairs in the same style as opposed to individual pairs you liked. So I've worn bras before--it's just that this time around I'm going to actually find several individual ones I like. If I'm lucky my mom will just go do the other shopping while I look. Bra shopping with her would be awful. Then again, even going myself I'm going to feel paranoid and awkward, despite knowing there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing.

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    • Yeah, you're right. I thought about going with my friends, but there are only two people I'm really close, and one is a guy, and the other is an online friend. So I can't really do that. Bra shopping with my mom shouldn't be awful, but we don't have the best relationship. I just feel like it wouldn't be a good experience. If I'm alone I'll be paranoid that I'm being watched, but at least I won't feel like my mom is judging the styles I choose to buy.

    • Trust me nobody will be watching you! And I don't think your mom would judge you, it's a personal thing... I'm sure it'll be fine! Good Luck!

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  • Ok so first off relax.

    When bra shopping you never have to do it alone! Even if you don't have friends or family with you the store clerks are always there to help you.

    Bras are organized by style. In the style section they are organized by cup size and then band size, Honestly it's not hard

  • nomally they have the bra sizes on the hangers that the bra is on ie 32 AA, 32 A, 32 B and so on if you are still confused ask an assistant for help they will more than be happy to help im sure and dont worry no one will be watching over your shoulder. cause when it comes to a females under wear its like personal to the inderviual. i hope it goes well for you happy hunting

  • by letters and the size

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