I straighten my hair all the time. Almost everyday. I've stopped now. But I noticed I have like a gazillion split ends.. it makes my hair go pretty ruff and ugly unless I straighten it again. Does anyone know how to get rid of them?

Id just like to point out: It will be to difficult to trim the split ends off. I have layers. Lots of layers.


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  • all you can do is cut off the ends. nothing will fix slit ends. your hair folicle has slit and it's not going to bind back together; hair is dead protein, it can't heal. you need to get regular hair cuts every 6-8 weeks to keep damage from coming back.

    you have long hair, but just because you're growing your hair out, doesn't mean you don't get regular trims. the choice is getting trims, or having your hair break off if the damage gets severe enough. I've had several friends who's had clumps hair has broken off about an inch from the scalp because they've been using too much heat, and not getting their hair cut often enough. I had hair down to my lower ribs, I had been growing it out for a year and half, when I went in to get my hair cut for the first time, they ended up having to cut 6 inches off because it was THAT damaged.

    get your hair cut, tell them to maintain the layers (the short layers will become quite short) and keep getting trims and use moisturizing treatments on a regular basis.

    • Ok thanks. Ill call the hairdresser today and tell them to "maintain the layers" lol, thanks again.

    • Hair dressers are trained professionals. they know how to cut even layers. also, be aware that hair doesn't all grow at the same rate, so your layers are probably pretty sloppy right now. you need to let them cut off what needs to be cut off otherwise you won't be solving anything. so you might feel a bit panicked if they seem to cutting off a lot, but if they don't cut off enough, they'll be leaving damaged hair behind which will just split again.

    • Be clear with them, tell them that you want your hair to be healthy. you need a clean slate without damage.

      i don't know how severe your damage is, if they're going to end up having to cut a lot off, like they did for me. it's best that you pick out a cute medium length style that will suit you. then as your hair grows, start to work it back into the shape you have now. if you have to have length removed, then pick out something new and cool for yourself.

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  • always apply a protector before using a straight iron. Best right now too trim the damage. Hot oil treatments once a week, make sure you use an intense mosturizing conditioner.

    • I can't really trim the damage because I have long hair but really short layers. :/

      What are hot oil treatments?

    • U can do a natural 1 like a rosemary and olive oil- heat the together strain apply to hair with saran wrap and towel 4 15mins. there are also v05 hot oil treatments whatever suits u.

  • You need to get a new hair cut... the only way to "fix them" is to cut them off...

  • straighting your hair damages it but it would suggest looking for a shampoo that fits to your type of hair you might even want to look at ph levels to and if you have a lot you may need to get your hair trimed once or maybe twice a month

  • just clip them off and learn from the mistake

  • dont straighten your hair so often. its damaging your hair and why you're always getting splits

    you have to cut them off. the only way you can rid your hair of splits is cut it before the split runs all the way up the hair shaft and ruins your hair.

    for a temporary solution;

    put a serum on the tips of your hair to temporarily close of splits

    ((john frieda makes a really good serum))

    for preventative measures;

    put heat protectant on before heat styling your hair

    do hot oil treatments once a week

    put an olive oil & honey mask on your hair ((before washing your hair, put extra virgin olive oil and mix it with honey on your hair and put a heat cap or a towel on for 30 minutes, then wash and style your hair as normal))

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