Describe your perfect girl?

what would her personality be like? hair ,eye color...?


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  • I like these questions always.

    Perfect girl for me:


    -She has dark hair, very dark and bright, straight hair long, but not too long.

    -Her face looks Jewish alike, you know, like a semit, not arab, but semit french kind, like Alizee

    -She is skinny, her eyes black, and her skin smooth.

    -She is caucasian but not too white, she can still get a tan if she wants to.

    -Perfect white teeth and a very classy smile


    -She will know many femenine mannerisms and gestures

    -She will speak with a portugues, spanish, french or italian accent

    -She will know how to play the piano or the arp or the violin or any other string instrument, one instrument is enough, lol

    -She will know more than one language, at least 2 haha

    -She will know how to dress

    -She for sure has to be smiley

    -She doesn't have tatoos or peircings

    -She always shave everything

    -She is very clean and hygienic (you know, she use soup instead of just toilet paper)

    -She drives and Audi or a BMW, lol

    -She listen ton Trance or Metal or Both and Classical of course

    -She loves to watch romantic comedies movies

    -She likes to read

    -She would enjoy a trip to Europe

    -She is very available when it comes to sex with me

    -She is loyal 100% of course

    -She doesn't get annoyed easily, she is very tolerant, that's what makes her mature

    -She understand my humour

    -She is a homie

    -She likes fruits and vegetables and water based foods like lettute

    Well that's what perfect would be for me. But I can for sure like a girl that is not perfect and I had many times.


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  • Easy to get along with, Could carry on a convo, Smiles alot, has a sense of humor.

  • A wicked sense of humor would be the main thing for me, I like to make people laugh so if she gets my jokes its a good start so a nice smile would go a long way aswell.Favorably someone whos smart and not too shy to let me do all the talking yet not someone where I couldn't get a word in between.

    I generally favor short women(5ft5-5ft8ish), blonde/brunette, dark eyes(brown/green/...), Sense of style and knows how to dress

    Someone who has her own friends and life so she doesn't just follow me on my life, tho a couple of shared interests are nice.

    Over 18! :P

    Well this is my taste obviously its diffirent for every guy.

  • she'd be really sweet and caring with a great sense of humor :)

    long hair with green or blue eyes, 5'5 or shorter and kinda skinny

    i don't care about boob size as long as she has some


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