What should I wear to the movies tomorrow?

Going out with my family. Help me out. I don't know where to start. Thanks.

  • skirt
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  • pants
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  • shorts
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  • i am not wearing a dress so don't even pick this one
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  • Wear whatever you feel like wearing, it's just the movies, it'll be dark so the only time people will see what you're wearing is when you walk to and from the car. It's a casual thing.


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  • Skirt sounds nice

  • I'm sorry but nobody knows what you look like, nobody knows what your clothes look like, nobody knows what weather it'll be tomorrow where you live, nobody knows where you live, and nobody here cares or thinks that they will in any way actually help you choose the outfit you will wear while you sit for 2 hours in a dark room.

    • Honesty... I like it.

  • Pants should be fine.

    • Thanks for the feedback

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