How do I get the perfect messy bun with curly hair?

I have naturally curly hair that does not have much volume and I can never get the perfect messy bun consistently. I'd like to hear your guys' takes on how you get your messy bun with curly hair. I AM OPEN TO GUYS ANSWERING IF YOU HAVE A GREAT MAN BUN!


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  • I have curly hair. I must say i found it hard at first two. If you don't have a ton of volume this is what i would do.

    First day hair:
    Wash with volume shampoo
    Turn head upside down and use the diffuser to blow-dry hair
    with head upside down Twist from the bottom of your hair (end strands)
    Don't twist too tight, leave the base lose
    Once twisted form a bun at the crown of your head
    put an elastic around it.

    For day two hair:
    use dry shampoo
    tease from the roots
    Repeat day one with blowdrying

    • Wow thanks so much! I am definitely going to try this 😁

    • If it doesn't work let me know! I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

  • Just don't care how it looks like.
    Messy enough. Puuurfect.