Short, average, tall, all of them seem to like tall guys. What do I do as a comparitively shorter dude?


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  • find a shorter girl than you

    • Shorter than me is like 90% of the girls lol but girls are usually about. that 5-6" diff

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    • I am 5'11" but most girls actually dont find it alluring these days

    • Weird. 5'11 is my cup of tea

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  • I'm pretty short, never bothered me though.

    I think it's only a concern if you are interested in girls taller than you. Which I am not, and why I've never seen it as an issue.

    But getting girls is a mental game man. Don't worry about what "type" of guy they may like, because it really doesn't matter


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  • The thing is when I see guys who are concerned with something about themselves and they think girls won't like them for it, they continue to want to be interested in these girls. Look at this way, if a girl isn't into you because of how tall you are, she isn't worth your time.

  • I see from your comments that you are 5'11" that is above average in most countries.

  • Find a girl that's shorter than you, theirs a lot of short girls out there.

    • Ok, most of the girls are still much shorter than me lol

    • But they are superficial about height