Can braids grow your hair?

I'm not talking about French braids etc, I'm talking about box braids & other African American hairstyles. Well I've type 2b/2c hair & I'm mixed race but my hair texture is abit more "black" (not tryna be rude in anyway) and I've had my braids in for around 6 weeks, would you say that my hair grew abit? My natural hair length is short, just above the shoulders, thanks :)


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  • Hair grows about an inch a month, so in six weeks about 1-1/2"


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  • Nothing will make you hair "grow". It all depends on your genetics on how much it would grow. Some people's hair grows faster than others.

    What you also need to consider is:
    1. Your diet: If you have a poor diet then everything else would be pretty poor. I mean don't go all health nut, but you shouldn't be indulging yourself in a whole LOT of junk food.

    2. How much water you're drinking: Do not overload yourself with water, just drink as much as you can it doesn't have to be 8 glasses a day.

    3. How tight the braids are: Some people think that braiding your hair tight will make it grow fasting when it doesn't. You're actually damaging it. Do try to braid kind of looser.

    4. If you're taking care of your hair properly: Do not wash your hair every single day. You will strip your hair's natural oils. Conditioning your hair is must as well. Oils on your scalp. Do not use grease on your scalp it will not help it. Deep conditioning, leave in conditioning, and regular conditioner. I personally don't use deep conditioner, but I like to use leave in conditioner more.

    5. Genetics: Yes genetics can play a role in it as well. Your hair can grow a specific length and stay like that.

    6. Using too much heat on your hair, and cutting split ends: Get trims when you NEED it, don't do them every month if you don't need it. If you use too much heat on your hair it won't be going anywhere, though if you HAVE to use heat for a special occasion then use a heat protectant.

    Also, do not take any biotin pills without consulting your doctor first. That is very dangerous. There are plenty of complaints about side affects from doing that. Mane n' tail is not helpful for your hair, it just weighs down your hair, but one of my friends mention that it was for horses. Not sure if that's true.

    Just to make things clear, I was giving some tips on growing your hair. I hope I did not offend in some type of way (I think lol)


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  • Yes, my mom used to box braid my hair when I was little up until I was 14. My hair is down to the middle on my back now. My mom's hair is naturally long and curly though. I've been wearing my hair down since I was 14 because I got tired of braids. I'm going to get dreads come September though.

  • Sure. speaking as a black African lady, braids do increase hair growth. you dont have stay with the same braids that long anyways unless you wash them often.. just braid more.

  • How is that rude xD also, well hair grows about half an inch a month so yeah probably

  • Yeah if done correctly. Just make sure they aren't braided to tightly or your hair will fall out as you take them out. But yeah I have been wearing braids for 5 weeks took them out and my hair grew a whole lot. Remember to moisturize your hair while in a protective style. Maybe like once a week. That helps a lot and whenever you are about to put braids in or just took them out deep condition. Deep condition about every 3 weeks. Try to use natural deep conditions.

  • from what i hear girls who get box braids regret it for life

    they say the hair looks amazing when you take them out, but then when you wash it and stuff... its DEAD
    common complaints were
    crazy dryness (and everything that comes with dryness like frizz, split ends, breakage... etc)
    hair just is plain weird
    very weak

    and other stuff
    I don't know about other African American braids but this is what i heard about box braids
    regular/dutch/french braids or w/e are fine though i do them a lot myself

    oh and keep in mind this is stuff i heard from people never had box braids

    • Omg I hope my hair doesn't break :o scared now

    • yea id say be safe and ask around A LOT before attempting it and do your reserch
      you only have one scalp lol and i know how horrible it is when you are trying to grow your hair and you have to cut it or it gets ruined and all the patience and hard work is gone lol