Professional hair dyeing help? Haircut help too?

Hey. I have so many questions, sorry. So, I've been recently wanting to experiment with my hair but my hair is naturally very dark. Like very dark brown/black. In December, I got an ombre. The lady who did my hair said my hair was difficult because it's black and some parts of my hair did not bleach. I want to go to a reddish color like this girl: Will this be a problem? I just don't want dark hair anymore. I'm pale so black hair looks a bit too dramatic but I don't want to go blonde either, it'll wash me out. Should I just redo my ombre? I do like the ombre but maybe if i redid it, i'd like it more. Or are ombres out of style now? What is another alternative to ombres and full on dying my whole head?

Also, what haircuts are in style? My hair is super long, it's very close to my butt. I want to keep it long, not to my butt. I'll probably cut 3-4 fingers worth of hair. Should I just get layers? (I always get layers, they're just overgrown now) What do you guys think? What should I do?


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  • you'd have to bleach your whole head and then dye it the colour you want. Layers are good, they add dimensions.

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