Guys what do you do when you are uggy?

I'm ugly. I posted a pic of me anonymously and all girls said they would never date me, some girls said that even with a charming personality I have not hope. Now I know why I haven't had a girlfriend in 5 years. So I was wondering what are my options. There is not much I can do. A girl told me that even if I hit the gym get a nice body and change my hairstyle, she will still not date me because of my facial structure. I don't have skin problems, I'm just uggly I guess. I'm 24, 6'3 tall, dress with bottom down shirts, military haircut, always clean, but now that I'm facing reality and now that I know what's going on, I'm lost.

Mood: Chill but concerned.

Wait, a girl just said I can match cloth, so that's something.
That's the pic.


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  • If the opinions you are receiving on your looks are from the women of this website, I would definitely consider the source. No lasting relationship is formed off of looks. If that were the case, Darwin would have won that fight long ago - we would all be beautiful demi-gods and goddesses. That is not the case, and there is hope for you. I have not seen your picture, but I don't think any one is doomed so long as they have the right attitude. I hope you find some one who is not shallow and who can appreciate your inner beauty to the point where it overwhelms all other perceptions of you. :)

    Good luck - and have a Merry Christmas :)


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  • Everyone has a different idea of what is attractive. Even if the girls on this site haven't given you positive feedback, that doesn't mean that no girl will ever find you attractive. Don't let a few negative comments damage your self-esteem. Be confident, sweet, and outgoing, and you'll find someone that appreciates you.

  • Autofellatio, look it up.

    • Lol, I know what that is, not interested.

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  • You're being silly. Look, some girls are going to like you; some girls won't. You've got to have a thick skin. If you don't try, if you're easily discouraged, I'll promise you this: you won't have a girlfriend 5 years from now.

  • Have you ever heard that there are plenty of fish in the sea? You ain't an ugly mother f***er and most ugly mother f***ers eventually find love.

  • You can't let what people on here hurt your self esteem. I bet some of those girls didn't have pics of themselves either and just try to put you down.

    I mean you do need to maybe try and work on your appearance - you need to be happy with the way you look and see a bit of potential in yourself

    I agree with what LaTua said - girls have different preferences. I mean I don't think anyone can get to a point where they can say there is noone out there for them. And your still in your early 20s

    • Dude, I don't see what the problem is. You look fine to me - I've seen guys that look like they've just come off the street and haven't had a shower in weeks with girlfriends. You shouldnt feel so bad about yourself

    • Totally agreed.

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