Girls, Why is it a big deal that men don't wanna wear skirts (they're comfortable & the anatomy of it fits guys better)?

I speak from experience right now cuz I'm wearing 2 scarves I have a skirt (don't have an actual skirt... Yet) I'm wearing it around the house & I'm finding myself getting use to it. I don't see the feminine side of it. The way understand it, it's just a comfy garment to wear (by anybody)

on on top of that it beats a vary hot day over wearing pants

the moral of this whole thing is... I fail to understand the skirt predicament against guys


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  • Yay gender roles.


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  • Because skirts are associated with women and it would kill most men to be in any way likened to women, those terrible awful inferior creatures.

    • I wore my scarves (2) as a skirt & it was the best. Way superior to any type of pants

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    • They are not only for women. Screw the kilts. They're ugly, expensive, & the fabric is not my type. I'm talking long cotton skirts

    • Sure thing.

  • I'm not a guy so I don't really know what they think about wearing skirts, lol. Maybe ask guys? To be honest I don't care if a guy is wearing a skirt. I don't like skirts or dresses but other people do so whatever.

    • Is there a way to edit the Q so it can be for Gs & Gs? XD

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    • I know you can't edit text but I'm not sure about the rest. I always ask my questions to both so I have no idea 😳

    • Q, would you date a guy who always wore a skirt? (Long skirt, no kilt)

  • because no one wants to see a strangers junk. underwear or not.

    • Don't look down there, it's that simple

    • try saying that to guys who sit with their legs open. not to mention curious kids.

    • Well with a long solid skirt, that wouldn't be a problem (I dispise short skirts)

  • well guys are the ones who are femophobic so... yea take this with guys not girls

    guys are the ones that made anything related to femininity or women an offensive insult or w/e
    girls never said guys can't wear skirts or made it into a scandal if a guy does it

    oh and there are these.. long dresses-ish thingies, they are for men actually like pope robe (not exactly but same concept) muslim guys wear it a lot

    • But there are female that don't like it either, that's why I ask the gs

    • guys are more against it

      most girls will just not feel attracted or w/e
      some guys might actually attack

    • Some men are screwed up 😒

      Ps I wouldn't care (wouldn't effect me) if you thought I am screwed up for liking skirts