Is it all about looks or personality??

some people just go out with that person just because their looks but not knowing their personality is WHACK! I think in my view that personality counts its about the connects ans vibes you have with that person...DON'T YOU Think?


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  • You are right. Personality is everything. Changing one's appearance is not difficult. Changing one's physique is also not that difficult. Personality is something that remains constant throughout our life. By judging one's personality, one can determine how successful their relationship is going to be.

    The people which you have mentioned are called as "shallow", because they fail to notice the virtues which are hidden in the other person. Virtues make up the personality of the individual. They go only by looks.


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  • Looks only determine if I will approach a girl. Once she's determined cute, then the personality is ALL that matters. Having said that, an unattractive girl who has a phenomenal personality can still win the day whereas the reverse is not true (for me at least). If a girl has the looks of Kate Beckinsale, but the personality of Paris Hilton I would always decline the chance to breed with her. Unless of course the future of the species depended on upon us copulating.

  • Well,

    -There was this girl, kind, intelligent, ,no outspoen personality, nearly no 'goodies' and I fell in love. I still like her. No love anymore.

    -There was this girl, kind, moderately intelligent, all the 'goodies' and I felt great feelings of friendship, but I didn't try to kiss or bed her. I don't care what happened to her. (I think she got the life she wanted, the life I wouldn't like)

    -There was this girl, kind, intelligent, all the 'goodies' and I felt great feelings of friendship, but didn't try to kiss or bed her but I had wet dreams about her. I do care a lot what happened to her.


    There were these girls, kind, very intelligent, plain, some 'goodies', good personality and I didn't fall in love. I didn't even feel friendship. I'm wondering what happened to them. Wondering very much even.

    -Then there was this girl, kind, intelligent, all the 'goodies' and I fell in love and stayed with her: the 'goodies' are a lot older now and I wouldn't even imagine what it would be to miss her , NO WAY!

    Go figure...

    Remember, as a person gets older the body changes, intelligence grows maybe, but an awful personality remains.

    And you're stuck with her/him.

  • It's about both really; though, personality means much more than looks. I don't believe anyone would date someone they find physically unattractive. Personality means much more; because, an ugly personality can make the most attractive girl look very unattractive.

  • Agree completely, I've dated several girls that seem to be cool chicks to be with for the first couple of months but as we get closer and closer in the relationship the crazyer and crazyer they get... I've noticed its the really attractive ones too... Its ALWAYS better to be with a good looking person with a great personality than with a model what will and up trying to kill you.

  • That's for sure.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

  • If a girl has a good personality (friendly, gentle, understanding.), she's usually pretty also. the combination of both looks and personality is a what men would go more after, but this depends mostly on the man;s taste.


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