Girls Night Out - What Should I Wear?

Hi everyone. I'm a petite guy who in the last year or so has really gotten into crossdressing (I've always loved girls' clothes - the variety, the texture, and the beauty). Recently, I've come out to some of my close friends (genetic girls), and they have invited me to join them on a "girls night out."

So, we'll be going to dinner and then to a swanky wine bar afterweards. I very much look forward to being "one of the girls." They have been so accepting and are interested in seeing me all dressed up! The question I have is what should I wear to something like this? Can you give me any clues on what might be appropriate and look nice? I'm more of a classy/fit in type of dresser. Thanks in advance!!!


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  • a nice black dress is always a winner and wine bar will be like that :)


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  • Any type of dress would be good.


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