Random run in at gym today with a really cute girl, any options here?

so I joined this gym a month ago , I live in a smaller town ( pop 18000) so as you can imagine its not the most busy gym and I actually haven't meet any girls there so far and only seen 1 before I ran into this girl today . but I usually go when its not busy and during the day . but yeah I was there this morning and she showed up with who I'm assuming was her father ? and I'd assume she was back home from college maybe ? as I hadn't seen her there before . its a small gym so it was just the 3 of us for an hr , she got changed first then went on a treadmill which just happened to be rate beside me , so I though that was a good sign but she didn't end up saying much of anything and had an ipod on . but she was totally my type , cute brunette and around the same height as me and she was in shape as well.

so not much really happened and I didn't get her name either and wondered if fact father was there maybe held her back or held me back as well as I would of tired to say more when she was rate beside me if he hadn't bene there , but she might go back there so maybe I might run into her again before the holidays are over and we each go off to college . not sure any idea's or do you think she'd like me and why did she work out rate beside me if she wasn't interested as she was so close I just just about taste it as they say


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  • Hit her up