Guys, what's your definition of a fat girl?

What's fat to you in terms of weight? If a girl has love handles and doesn't have a flat stomach, is she unattractive?


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  • Not at all. It doesn't matter about your weight. If a guy hates a girl for being fat or not perfect for him, then screw him and live you life up to the fullest and have some fun! Someday you'll find a guy that likes you for who you are not what you look like.


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  • Ladies lets be frank. men like women with some weight. The day to day life is not what you see on TV, MOVIE, or MTV. to me if a girl think she is fat then she is fat. is all about you. and how you like about your self. dun pre-judge your self ever. if a guy think your are fat. FuXk him. If you dun know what is real life is, take a good look at your mom, aunt and women around you. are they all have a flat stomach?? all the unattractive.?? have you ever hear a term call MILF??

    • Yes, I have heard of the term MILF. Well, it seems to me most guys won't even talk to a girl unless she fits America's cookie cutter standard of how a girl should look and none of them have love handles or a fat stomach.

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    • I hope that's true. Btw, MILF stands for mothers I'd like to f**k. It's a guy thing obviously. Lol

    • Ok thanks

  • 20% body fat or more


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