What's a good hair style for really curly haired guys?

I have really curly hair and I just can't make it look good anyone got any advice.

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  • Curly hair is hard to manage in general, so don't feel bad. One of my good friends has very curly hair down to his chin and the girls love it. Just wear it natural and don't add any gel that will make it feel bad. Medium to longer length hair will likely look good on you with some layers. You could try putting some mousse in your hair to bring out some of the curls more. Add a big smile and I'm sure the ladies will love it :)

    • Thanks, that sounds good

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  • My husband has really curly hair, he usually shaves the bottom and leaves the top short but enough that he can add a little gel and have the natural curls. We have cut all the curl out and kinda had like the army style cut for a while, grew it out and did dreadlocks, braids and left it natural. Some pretty cool thing you can do.

  • I'd have to see a picture. You could try straightening it, or cut it short.

    Think Mr. Shu from Glee: link

  • i don't mind with both


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