The tall, dark and handsome stranger?

In the literature he appears a lot and seduce the main character, but what does he look like? I want to dress like that character, so do you have any advice in terms of clothes?


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  • Ok but 1st, why you wannabe a seducer?

    To ur Q: Women always fall for Gentlement, act & dress like it

    I'll say Clean cut, Men in black makes women curious

    regular fit jeans & white formal shirt always an eye catch but What's really important is how you behave & carry yourself "cool, calm & confident".

    lots of sites&blog talked about men clothes.. check 'em out


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  • Tall, dark and handsome isn't really about clothing style. Its more about attitude. The best advice I could say is look at some tdh characters in movies. Antonio Banderas is usually in this role. As well as George Clooney and Christian Bale.