How should I go about trying to pick up girls on campus now that I'm a bit older?

going back to college in the new year and single so I'm definitely going to be meeting some girls there who I will no doubt find attractive but I'm not sure how to go about trying to date them as they 'd be a bit younger than me , although I'm only 25 and everyone says I look younger and I still get I'd for things so maybe I'll fit rate in and they won't even know I'm older than them .

but yeah how should I go about the whole thing and approach them ?


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  • I think maybe you should just play it cool, be friends with them for awhile (but not too long, you don't want to end up in the friends zone!) and then ask them out to something like coffee or ice skating, whatever it seems like she would like more. Hope this helps!

    • Yeah I agree geting in the friends zone could prove to be a problem if I want to date the girl . there is lots of coffee shops there and a big ice skating rink so those are both good ideas .

    • Glad I helped!

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