What do you look for in a guy/girl?

do you try to look for prince charming/ princess

or do you accept what's coming to u

what are some things you look for in a guy/girl

attitude, body type, style, physical things (hair eye color, etc)


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  • It's all about moderation. I'm not looking for Mrs. Perfect, mainly because she doesn't exist. I'm not desperate in accepting whatever comes my way. I'm a man and I go for what I want. Here's what I go for.

    1.1 Looks: Does she have that natural beauty? If she over plays it with makeup, then she's out. Eyes and smile are usually big winners for me. Athletic, 5'9" or shorter, eats right.

    1.2 Personality: You gotta be fun, sarcastic, whitty, social, and confident. Ok I'm not going to disown you if you don't have one of these qualities but I want someone I can relate too.

    2. Non-worry-wart: A girl that doesn't worry all the time. Laid back girl. Can take a joke. Communicates but knows how to give me some space.

    3. Sexually confident: This is the part where girls stop thinking about their own needs and think about what other people will think of them if they have sex as much as a guy does. I want her to be unafraid of her own sexual desires; not for just me but mainly for her own self confidence and inner reality.

    Notable Mentions: Music (indie, singer/songwriter), likes the outdoors, dog and cat lover, likes ultimate frisbee.

    So no it's not just the girls that can be picky. Most of us men have some specific guidlines that we use to determine our choice in women. Again these are simple personal guidelines but not the rule. In the end, anything goes. If she can make me want her without trying then there is obviously attraction there and that's what I want.



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  • I don't have any physical specifications for my Prince Charming but I do have one certain standard:

    I have to be put first. This doesn't mean put me above his mother or family, but when it comes down to it, he tries to make me laugh, make me feel comfortable in a public situation, etc.

    I've spent too many years as a doormat. I want to be put first. =)

    Good question!

  • I don't prefer certain physical traits but good hygiene is a must! I tend to have a thing for funny and outgoing guys. If he can openly talk about things that bother them then that is a plus, if not, it's not a big deal.


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  • A girl with a good head on her shoulders. Her physical appearance is she can't be taller than me and she can't weigh more than me.(154 pounds 5' 9"). She has to be wild during sex, honest, a little bit of a bad girl, and hold herself in high self-esteem.

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