Does size and looks really matter ?

well me and my boyfriend been together for over a yr...doing that time a lot has happened. He meet me I had big boobs and a nice ass I was what you call thick. I got sick with a kidney disease I lost like 30 pounds. I was curvy now I'm skinny...i feel ugly everything is smaller now. Is bigger really better ? I feel like he thinks I'm plain looking. I want my boyfriend to still think I'm beautiful.


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  • We guys are highly influenced by how our woman feels. If you're feeling ugly and unhappy with your own appearance, then why should we feel differently?

    If you can't love yourself for the way you are, then why would you expect him to?

    Take some time to quiet down your Inner Judge, and relearn how nice it feels to accept yourself - no matter how your body appears.

    Once you're secure in yourself again (and you WILL be) then it won't matter how he sees you.

    If you're being needy, insecure, and negative hen you're being "ugly" on the inside which is much worse than being "ugly" on the outside.

    We guys might notice you from across the room if you've got great t*ts, but we fall in LOVE with who you ARE (your personality and energy.)

    Love yourself again, and he will too. If he's too superficial to care then meet someone NEW worth getting to know.

    ~ Robby

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    • Every guy should read that blog !! xD

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    • Oh, yeah, I forgot, the way you see yourself is REALLY important...

      .... I noticed just how important it is when a girlfriend once told me that men look down on women and as a women you have to prove that you're before anything else... she was giving me the whole "universal female mindf***" as I now call it...

      i noticed how my respect for her dropped instantly.... not out of spite or anything, its just difficult to take someone as equal if they give you that kind of stuff.....

      so self-image is important

    • * proove that you're equal before anything else.

      sorry for tripple posting....

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  • theres no answer here which will tell you what you want to hear.

    Some guys like skinny girls(well a lot of guys like em), some guys like girls with nice curves, some guys like the bigger ladys.Its all up to your partners personal preference.

    If you don't feel comfortable being skinny then don't be skinny and try to gain a few pounds(don't overdo it tho!) or if you feel comfortable being skinny then stay skinny.

    Looks isn't everything, don't forget that a good energy, a good outlook & a fun character is more important in a relationship then looks.

    • People have their own likes preferences etc, and like anyone else I know what I like and is a turn on. However no one should ask anyone to change no matter what. We all should be accepted no matter what- faults quirks, etc, we are who we are and absolutely no one is perfect. He should be more concerned that your healthy and if he doesn't like you no matter what I would say you don't like bye. It matters much more to me the type of person a woman is than her physical looks alone.

  • im sure he thinks ur still beautiful

    why else would he be with you for so long?

    and help after ur disease


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  • I'm sure your boyfriend loves you regardless of the change in your appearance. He's with you because of you, not because of how you look.

  • Well, to start off I want to tell you that it doesn't matter what size you are, all women are beautiful. And don't even get me started on the whole "Ive changed my looks since we've been together". Once when I was 16 I was dating a guy. When we met I was 112lbs.. I was very tiny.. after about a year of dating he started to notice that I was packing on some pounds... I went up to 149 lbs. I was feeling the same as you... "what if he's not attracted to me any more?" or "Does he still think I'm good looking?" Listen hunny, if this guy really loves you and you are meant to be together, he will love you no matter what you look like. If not, he's an ass and you really could do better for your self!

  • if guys are going for your size and looks then there is something wrong!

    what matters the most is the personality and faith.

    don't put yourself down guys like it when girls have confidence.

    if you believe your beautiful, he too should think you are.

  • your always going to be beautiful. you didn't change. you just look different. but your persanality hasn't changed. if he can accept you for who you are and what has happend then he is no good.

  • i wouldn't worry if I were you, he obviusly still likes you. And you have it a lot easier than most people, loads of girls wanna get thinner and you wanna get bigger, I think you have it easier :)

  • If he loves you, then he does. You have to get past your

    insecurities and understand any man will love YOU for YOU

    & if not...screw him. You won't stop loving him if his penis shrunk right? lol.

  • Yes somewhat you do want to be attracted to that person but it's not everything that matters

  • Most guys like thin girls. but who still has something something on them...

    and if he really does love you he would think ur beautifull NO MATTER WHAT!

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